HEIDI FIAL // SOLO electric guitar

In her solo project, Heidi Fial creates and unleashes song creatures that express themselves through the vocabulary of classical music, avant-garde jazz, desert rock and film music. These creatures lead through a not structureless, but improvisation-rich, captivating instrumental program. Free from sensationalism and meaningful phrases, the untamed tone of the electric guitar can fully unfold. An instrument whose tiny signal, with the help of electric current and forced through glowing tubes, is transformed into a rich and versatile mouthpiece.


The musical life of the studied jazz double bass player began as a child with the playful self-study of the guitar, which has accompanied her throughout her entire musical career since then, not only as her first choice of compositional instrument, but now also in the context of a band. The solo project is a kind of homecoming to the roots, enriched with all that has been experienced, learned and forgotten, as well as new, constantly evolving technical insights.


In her work, Heidi Fial always sees herself challenged to solve the riddle of the moment. In this case with the help of the electric guitar. Not always quiet, but in the service of tolerability. Not always beautiful, but in the service of aesthetics. Not always harmonious, but in the service of peace.


The solo debut record NEUNEINHALB is in progress and will be released in october 2023 // Releaseshow 23/10 in Porgy&Bess Vienna (AUT)

Persönliche Nachricht eines Hörers: "Anscheinend ging es gestern auch anderen Leuten so wie mir, wenn sie Dir zuhören. Sie befinden sich in einem (inneren) Film. Zwischen zwei Songs bin ich zur Kinotheke und habe noch ein Bier bestellt. Danach hat es sich so angefühlt als ob ich mich wieder in den Kinosaal schleiche. Danke für die Reise gestern, habe in der Nacht intensiv geträumt." (B.D. Graz)