HEIDI FIAL // SOLO electric guitar

With her solo album AMATEUR, jazz double bassist Heidi Fial returns to the instrument of her youth: the electric guitar. An instrument whose tiny signal, with the help of electric current and chased through glowing tubes, transforms into a multi-layered mouthpiece. Under the credo "The less pressure to be valid the more room for insanity, insight and silence" she creates and unleashes patient song creatures, fragmentary instrumental pieces from those phases of life in which for her music creation is purely intuitive and free of expediency.


The essence of the so-called amateur is the casual approach to his activity. The amateur has technically high demands on himself, but is free from the pressure to fulfill expectations of clients or a clientele. The driving force is the fascination, the independence, the joy of doing, apart from the tasks to be fulfilled, which are set by the outside.


All this describes the philosophy, the sound and also the technical execution of this project. True to the spirit of Heidi Fial's youth-years, it was recorded on 4-track magnetic tape cassette, mixed and mastered analog, and the visual design comes from her private darkroom.


AMATEUR smells of tube, tastes of honey.


AMATEUR Credits:

Chris Janka | mix, mastering

Emil Kindlein | technical support

Heidi Fial | composition, interpretation, recording, design


Hiss & Groove Records 2023