"In my playing i always seek to catch the essence of what is to be said and translate it into sound and pulse, untamed but also always focused on my roll in the certain band-context. Composing film-music and producing films for music is also a great passion of mine. This and the ability to forget everything and just play, gives me joy and sense. "

Born and raised in Ottakring / Vienna

After a couple of years traveling Europe, Latin America and Asia; currently based in Vienna / Austria.


Studies: Jazz Upright Bass


Heidi is active in different constellations from Jazz over contemporary songwriting and Blues to Live Music performance for Silent-movies, composes filmscores and produces musicvideos. She is well known as a solid companion and an empathic, intuitive and groove&sound focused musician and multi-instrumentalist.


About silentmovie music:

" I'm trying to bring the historic material of film and music into a contemporary context - in a mixture between composition, improvisation and also interpretation of music, that was en vogue in the time when the film was produced. Every film 'needs' and 'deserves' a different sound, a different instrumentation, different style....it's such a pleasure to seek and discover that unique sound for each film! "

"My music/reallife/dreamlife is made of silence, insight and insanity."




1. Du sollst Grooven.
2. Du sollst Körper & Geist lieben & ehren.
3. Du sollst niemals mit dem Kontrabass unterm Arm der Straßenbahn nachrennen.


treibt schlafend auf einem Ozean aus Erkenntnis und Wahnsinn

und wir sind das Produkt seiner Träume.

Wenn er erwacht

sitzt auf einem Sofa und spielt unentwegt Blues.

Sofern er nicht gerade den Kater krault

oder den Ozean betrachtet.



(ist geheim)