Heidi Fial // double bass, electric guitar, composition
Thatiana Gomes // double bass, electric bass
Chris Pruckner // drums

After years of working as a live silent film musician, Heidi Fial formed the Trio Kontrapunk in winter 2020 as a result of a cooperation at the Viennale with Tobias Pöcksteiner and Chris Pruckner. Countless sound sketches collected during film scorings, instrumental pieces resulting from improvisation and composed (film) music are combined in a project and continuously expanded - almost at every musical get-together.


Their debut album A MOTION PICTURE (Konkord Records), released in 2021, is the soundtrack to an imaginary film. Produced entirely analogue and recorded live, it musically embraces the unadulterated moment - and also stages inconspicuous events that are often overlooked in the great dramas. The album was recorded on a 16-track tape machine by Chris Janka on the original mixing desk from the historic hall of the Austrian Funkhaus in Vienna, analogue mixed & mastered. The pianist Paul Gulda played the clavichord as a guest musician.


In September 2022 KONTRAPUNK played the last concert with the original cast in the Vienna Sargfabrik; Tobias left the trio after two wonderful, productive years to devote himself to his solo project "Maria Magdalena" and theater music.


In 2022, the double and electric bassist Thatiana Gomes joined the band and beriches the band's sound.


KONTRAPUNK's second album is scheduled for release in 2024. 


"When you close your eyes, picture sequences from silent films actually come to mind, mixed with jazzy echoes and fleeting couplings into the almost atonal, intertwined, intimate, solemn, minimalist to disturbing, at times threatening, never confused."A Motion Picture" demands that Concentration and the unbiased involvement in imagination, completely unsuitable for the background of everyday life. As elevator music only suitable for the moment when the last safety rope breaks and the film of life is playing in front of your eyes."

(Dietmar Hoscher, Concerto Magazin 5/2021)



Heidi Fial // Composition, Upright Bass, Electric Guitar
Tobias Pöcksteiner // Upright Bass, Electric Bass
Chris Pruckner // Drums

Guest: Paul Gulda // Clavichord


Analog Recording on 16 Track reel-to-reel tape machine by Chris Janka

Analog Recording on 8 Track reel-to-reel tape machine (tracks  4+5) by Emil Kindlein

Analog Mixing + Mastering by Chris Janka


Releasedate 08/27/2021

Konkord Records